The AI-Driven Racing Manager Game
Harness strategic thinking and explosive speed as you lead your Raicers to the top of the podium.
Harness strategic thinking and explosive speed as you lead your Raicers to the top of the podium.
Configure a Kart, recruit a Driver, and equip a Brain to activate your Raicer.  
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Mix and match parts loaded with pre-defined traits to configure Karts for different tracks.
Select an All-Star to race in your place and see if they can handle the hot seat.
Choose the AI-powered Brain that responds best to the risks and conditions on each track.
Stay on track
Buckle up and take on wild terrain, treacherous hazards, and fierce competition from around the world.
the PODIUM awaits
Purchase tickets to enter races and unlock rewards based on your performance.
What is RAICERS?

In the new AI-driven racing manager game, you harness strategic thinking and explosive speed as you compete for rewards in scheduled races. Put your strategy to the test and see if you’ve got what it takes to cement your place on the podium.

How do I create a Raicer?

Begin by unlocking a smart Kart, recruiting an All-Star driver, and equipping an ASM Brain. These components work together to power up your Raicer.

Is RAICERS free to play?

To join the races, you’ll need racing tickets, available for purchase with ASTO tokens. Note: gas fees apply.

We also host 3 free one-hour race sessions every day at 12:30am, 07:30am, and 07:30pm UTC. These race sessions are a perfect opportunity to test your strategy at no cost. Keep an eye on our socials to find out when these take place. Free races do not require tickets to enter and no rewards are available for these free races.

How do I earn rewards in RAICERS?

Every ticketed race has a pool of ASTO token rewards. The amount of the ASTO token pool changes based on how many Raicers participate in the race. Your reward is based on performance and is a percentage of the total rewards for that race. The better your position at the finish line, the bigger the slice of the total rewards you win. For example, a first place finish could earn you 32% of the rewards in a full race, and this percentage might be higher with fewer Raicers.

Can I enter a few Raicers in one race?

Absolutely! You can enter multiple Raicers in a single race. Each Raicer requires one ticket for race entry.

Where can I get support?

Need a pit stop or directions? Please email us at or head to our Futureverse Discord.

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